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We empower ambitious brands with cutting-edge paid media solutions and local search specialisation.


By leveraging AI and the latest technologies, we ensure your campaigns deliver high-quality, cost-effective results.

Our service

Our team of specialists will take care of your paid media strategy by optimising and managing custom campaigns based on your specific company goals. We use innovative software and focus on continuous optimisation to ensure you start seeing leads as soon as your campaigns are live.

We work transparently, clearly communicating and reporting performance data on your paid search strategy segmented based on your key objectives. We ensure to leverage all optimisation tactics to get as granular as possible. We also work methodically using data to inform strategic decisions and to increase campaign performance.

Free account audit

Looking for a second opinion on your account? Curious to see if you’re performing as well as you could be?


Get a free paid media audit from our team of paid search specialists, we’ll offer insight on what’s working well and what isn’t.

We believe in the power of AI

We use AI to supercharge our team’s paid media management, enhancing ad copy, reporting, and active campaign management.


By leveraging data, AI helps us optimise account performance, predicts audience behaviour and trends, and provides real-time insights, enabling us to personalise content, boost ROI, and swiftly adapt to market changes.

Our work


Working closely with the Hamptons Marketing Team, we identified and actioned opportunities to improve account performance.

  • Reduced dominance of brand terms
  • Enhanced keyword density
  • Expanded geographic granularity for secondary locations
↓ cost per lead
↑ non-brand leads

CPA reduction

Maximise your budget

Focusing on improving core metrics of quality score we maximise our clients budget to improve efficiency ensuring your budget goes further.

Advertising platforms

Local paid media specialists

Localised search campaigns to acquire users who are in both in your target operating area or looking for services or products in the target area.


We recognise that choosing the perfect paid media agency to support your needs is important and involves careful consideration. To help, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about our paid media services.

Paid media encompasses all forms of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including social media ads, paid search, display ads, and more. It is a crucial element in any marketing strategy, helping businesses acquire quality leads, generate eCommerce sales, and increase brand awareness.

With paid media, we help businesses reach traffic and customers that may not be found organically. Using audience targeting, carefully selected keywords, and geo-targeting tools, paid media campaigns effectively connect with new customers and expand your reach.

Working with a paid media agency like Roar means leveraging significant combined experience to ensure your advertising budget is used effectively. Our specialists maximise every pound of your budget, utilising proven strategies to create high-performing campaigns. While setting up paid media might seem straightforward, the real value lies in meticulous optimisation and strategic planning.

At roar, we know that standard platform suggestions, such as those from Google, may not always serve your best interests. Our team develops tailored strategies and optimises channel distribution to meet and exceed your objectives. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding results, driving growth, and enhancing your business through precise and effective paid media management.

At roar, we combine cutting-edge AI technology with a dedicated team of experts to provide tailored paid media strategies that deliver exceptional results. Our focus on long-term partnerships ensures sustainable growth and continuous optimisation. We pride ourselves on transparent communication, personalised service, and a proven track record of success across various industries.

One of the key advantages of paid media is the ability to achieve quick results. At Roar, we focus heavily on the initial setup to ensure strong early performance. There is always a ‘learning phase’ when the campaigns first launch, in which they gather data, which we use for insight to optimise further.

The cost of our paid media services depends on various factors, including the scope of your campaign, your industry, and your specific goals. We offer customised packages tailored to fit your budget and needs. For a detailed quote, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and how we can best support your business growth.

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