Our work

FTH Hire Group

FTH Tool Hire, are a leading provider of tool hire services across England and Scotland. Previously using basic Google Smart campaigns, we rebuilt their account, increasing conversions and account registrations.

  • Paid media (Google Ads)

Key Results

Advanced tracking and data collection were at the core of these campaigns, delivering FTH with customer behaviour data and close ROI management.

Targeted campaigns & budget management:

  • Developed location-based campaigns to reach relevant audiences in each office location.
  • Allocated weekend budgets for efficient spend, during times of low competition.

Ad copy & content experimentation:

  • Continuously tested ad copy and content to find the most engaging combinations.

Remarketing campaigns:

  • Implemented remarketing to re-engage previous visitors, incorporating seasonal variations to match demand peaks.

Increase in conversions


After working together for more than a year, FTH have seen higher conversion rates and reduced spend. Despite the economic challenges and changing landscape, we have continue to stretch their media budget to deliver cost effective leads.


Decrease in cost per conversion

Ongoing improvements

Continually engaging via our monthly meetings, we work through account metrics, highlight work to date and talk through new strategies or platform suggestions.

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