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The Curling Club

The Curling Club, a festive pop-up activity bar located on the Southbank in London, has engaged roar to boost its online presence and drive both general public and corporate bookings for Christmas parties each year.

  • Paid media (Google Ads)

Key results

The initial challenge was to research, set up, and launch the account in less than three weeks.

Our campaigns target both individual and corporate audiences with specific ads and landing pages. Our ongoing management remains critical to enhancing performance:

Building landing pages

  • Designed and developed user-friendly landing pages tailored to drive conversions. Including ongoing optimisation and experiments to test the

Keyword research

  • Identified high-potential keywords related to festive activities, curling, and events in London. Moving away from a previous reliance on branded keywords

Ad copy & creative updates

  • Tested different ad copies and creatives to determine the most effective combinations.

Bid adjustments

  • Implemented bid adjustments based on performance data to maximise ROI.

Audience targeting

  • Utilised lookalike audiences and retargeting strategies to reach potential customers more effectively

Decrease in CPC


The campaigns delivered outstanding results, significantly surpassing initial expectations and previous years’ success.


Increase in conversion value

Ongoing improvements

Working with one agency over time fosters a deep understanding of your business, market, and audience, enabling more effective and tailored strategies. This long-term relationship leads to better results with optimised spend, ensuring maximum ROI and consistent growth.

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