Benchmarking allows us to measure performance against industry standards and competitors, providing insights into areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.


We focus on both traditional organic performance as well as the newer concept of AI / generative search benchmarking.

We use real data to cut through the noise, helping identify opportunities and make informed decisions about your business.

Google benchmarking

Our market intelligence platform collects data from the first page of Google, conducting tens of thousands of searches each month.

We collect data by carrying out common searches across more than 3000 locations in the UK.

The market intelligence report is designed to present your Google search exposure across all UK targetable locations, as well as break out your direct competition into paid & organic competitors.

What does the data show?

The market intelligence platform breaks down individual company search performance, splitting the data by regions, counties and even as granular as postcodes.

As well as breaking out your performance, the data shows your direct competitors across Organic, Map and Paid google visibility.

How can I use the data?

This business intelligence platform will help you identify the locations you have strong visibility in on Google (i.e. heavy first page presence) and identify the areas where you have lower visibility. Using this information helps to inform a paid search strategy and SEO services, either by improving visibility in the areas where you are weaker or doubling down on areas of strength.

Perhaps most excitingly, this data will identify your local, regional and paid competitors – are you losing lots of leads to someone in particular?


AI benchmarking

Consumers are increasingly using AI to search for products and services, whether that be via the new AI Google search summary or direct ChatGPT requests.

Due to the emerging nature of this technology, there aren’t any established or accepted methods of benchmarking performance across such platforms. We have therefore created our own proprietary benchmarking solution.

  • We ask Gemini or ChatGPT to rank companies across 4000 locations.
  • We collect positional rank as well as other interesting benchmark data

Benchmarking tech

Screenshot of UK property market benchmarking report

Google search benchmark

Your personalised Google Visibility Report will highlight your areas of strength, benchmark you against your closest competitors and identify new areas to target.

Gemini benchmarking

Any idea what AI thinks of your business? Our Gemini benchmarking will help you understand current performance as well as prepare for the role out of Google AI summaries.

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